accurl ipg 4000w ഫൈബർ ലേസർ കട്ടിംഗ് മെഷീൻ 2000 x 6000 മിമി വില 4 കിലോവാട്ട് ലേസർ പൈപ്പ് ട്യൂബ് പ്രൊഫൈൽ കട്ടിംഗ്

4-column Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press , indicated for replacement of the mechanical presses (eccentric) with great advantages, such as increased productivity and tool life.Various applications such as cutting, bending, fountain, etc..

1.Items supplied
-Console bimanual / automatic operation with concurrency + emergency button category 4
-Control panel with manual override for changing and setting tool
-Setting course for inductive sensor with fine tuning
-Pressure regulation by pressure switch
-Structure Carbon Steel ASTM A36
-Textured epoxy paint
-One year warranty, with ongoing technical assistance.

-PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) + HMI (Human Machine Interface)
-Ruler transducer position (adjustable by HMI)
-Pressure transducer (adjustable by HMI)
-Cushion x puller (consult factory)
-Light Curtain, guardrail and monitored block (according to local regulations)
-Footswitch (as safety)
-Cycle of continuous drive with key yale type to work with feeder
-Mechanical stop to adjust the precise course
-Digital counter parts
-Luminous column (three colors).

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